Denmark’s Famous Youth House

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The house – for 25 years a symbol of youth liberation or criminal anarchy,


depending on your point of view – went down last month with quite a fight. Authorities in Copenhagen evicted its squatters, then a wrecking crew demolished the four-story red brick building while protesting young people clashed with police. More than 600 people were arrested, and sympathizers staged protests in other European countries.

A former community hall for the labor movement, the neglected building became the ultimate drop-in center, for better for worse: “a refuge for young people from a society they detested,” Time said, “a place where they could spend hours and days listening to music, drinking beer, smoking dope and planning occasional political protests in pursuit of a revolution that never materialized.”

The building was purchased by a Christian group about six years ago; it is not clear what will go up on the site.