Awards for February 2004

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National Champion of Youth Award

For: Individuals whose dedication and work have made a difference in the lives of young people.
By: Youth Crime Watch of America.
Winner: Shay Bilchik, CEO of the Child Welfare League of America in Washington.
Contact: (305) 670-2409,

ADT Awards of Excellence in Crime Prevention

For: Outstanding programs and people in the field of crime prevention.
By: ADT Security Services.
Winners Include: Sarah Anne Stadler, youth coordinator for Mothers Against Drunk Driving and founder of FATE (Fighting Alcohol Through Education) in Carson City, Nev., and the Utah Council for Crime Prevention.
Contact: (561) 988-3258,

Heritage Award

For: “Chartering a child’s destiny in a safe world.”
By: Non-Violence Project-USA.
Winner: Modesto Abety, CEO of the Children’s Trust in Miami.
Contact: (305) 358-6643,

Heinz Awards

For: Exceptional contributions in any of several areas: arts and humanities; environment; human condition; public policy; and technology, the economy and employment; winners receive $250,000.
By: The Heinz Family Foundation.
Winners Include: Peggy Shepard, co-founder of West Harlem Environmental Action, and Julius Richmond, a Harvard University professor who served as the first director of Head Start.
Contact: (202) 393-1244,

2003 OSI Fellows

For: Carrying out projects to improve disadvantaged neighborhoods in Baltimore and New York.
By: Open Society Institute.
Winners Include: Samuel Epps, for the Maryland Justice Coalition; Shawn James, for Mural Masters; Bridgett Muller, for work with incarcerated adults and their children; and Sisters Paulette LoMonaco and Monica Thompson, for a residential foster-care program at Good Shepherd Services.
Contact: (212) 548-0600,

C. Henry Kempe National Child Protection Award

For: A child welfare professional whose work has advanced the field of child protection.
By: Kempe Children’s Center and Foundation.
Winner: Marvin Ventrall, a Denver juvenile attorney and director of the National Association of Counsel for Children.
Contact: (303) 864-5306,