Press Watch for November 2003

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A Different Breed: 311 Boyz Are Unlike Other Gangs
Las Vegas Sun

Police in Sin City are perplexed at why a group of mostly white, affluent high school students decided to form a vicious gang. The 311 Boyz, as they are called, are accused of being responsible for several violent incidents over the summer. Experts say teen boredom and lack of parenting are at the bottom of the problem. Sept. 28.

After Son’s Suicide, Mother Is Convicted Over Unsafe Home
The New York Times

After her son Daniel hanged himself last January, Judith Scruggs was convicted of maintaining a home environment that put him at risk – a rare if not unprecedented conviction related to a youth suicide. Some experts question the culpability of the mother, because investigations revealed that the seventh-grader was continuously taunted and bullied by his classmates. Oct. 7.; go to archives and search for headlines. Registration required.

No Lack of Mementos for Youths in Activities

The Philadelphia Inquirer

Each year, as one youth sports season turns into another, end-of-year trophies are handed out, sometimes just for a being on a team. While some youth advocates believe that awards for just showing up foster self-confidence without excessive competitiveness, others see “the trophy culture” as one where accolades lose all meaning. Oct. 12.; go to archives and search for headlines. Registration required.

Practicing Restraint
Children’s Voice

Mental health and child welfare staff around the country voice concern that the use of restraints is a dangerous alternative with very little reward to balance the potentially fatal risks. The move away from restraints is tenuous at first, but can lead to much better relationships between youth and staff. September/October issue.