Grants Awarded for July-August 2003

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Gill Foundation
2215 Market St., Suite 205
Denver, CO 80205
(303) 292-4455

The following organizations received grants to support lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender causes and HIV/AIDS programming for youth:

• Children of Lesbians and Gays Everywhere, San Francisco, $7,500.
• George Washington University – Semester in Washington, $15,000.
• National Youth Advocacy Coalition, Washington, $40,000.
• Public Allies, Milwaukee, $15,000.
• Common Roads, Harrisburg, Pa., $7,500.
• Seacoast Outright, Portsmouth, N.H., $5,000.
• Tides Center, San Francisco, $10,000.
• University of Utah, Salt Lake City, $10,000.
• Youth Services of Tulsa, Okla., $10,000.

The John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation
140 S. Dearborn St.
Chicago, IL 60603

• Center for Economic Progress, Chicago, $1.5 million to supply working families with tax counseling, financial education and income support.
• Urban Institute, Washington, $400,000 to support a national study on ex-offenders returning to neighborhoods and how to help their transition from incarceration.
• Handgun Epidemic Lowering Plan Network, Chicago, $85,000 for general support.
• Violence Policy Center, Washington, $225,000 for general operations.
• KCET/Community Television of Southern California, Los Angeles, $250,000 to support the documentary “Hallways,” about discrimination against gays in schools.
• Chicago Children’s Museum, $200,000 for general support.
• Center for Effective Philanthropy, Boston, $50,000 for general support.
• American Bar Association, Juvenile Justice Center, Washington, $825,000 for a curriculum for juvenile court personnel about youth development in juvenile justice.
• Community Panels for Youth, Chicago, $375,000 for a program designed to steer juvenile offenders away from crime.
• Tides Center, Girl Talk, Chicago, $225,000 for programs for girls involved in the justice system.
• Youth Law Center, Washington, $975,000 for activities in the Building Blocks for Youth program on racial disparities.

National Endowment for the Arts
1100 Pennsylvania Ave. NW
Washington, DC 20506
(202) 682-5400

Arts Learning

Among the 258 grants, totaling $8,842,000:

• 911 Media Arts Center, Seattle, $15,000 for an after-school program exploring media literacy, gender identity and video production.
• American Music Theater Festival, Philadelphia, $55,000 for theater classes.
• An Claidheamh Soluis, New York, $25,000 for in-school workshops and performances about Irish music and dance.
• Appalshop, Whitesburg, Ky., $60,000 for after-school arts.
• Armory Center for the Arts, Pasadena, Calif., $50,000 for visual arts education programs.
• Art’s for Everyone, Encinal, Texas, $21,000 for visual arts enrichment programs.
• Artists Collective, Hartford, Conn., $40,000 for students’ music and dance training.
• Artists for Humanity, Boston, $50,000 for four-year paid apprenticeships for local low-income youth to receive visual arts studio instruction.
• Arts Center, Corrboro, N.C., $22,000 for apprenticeships with artists-in-residence.
• Arts in Progress, Boston, $25,000, for after-school theater arts and social development instruction targeting middle-school girls.
• Association of Institutes for Aesthetic Education, New York, $65,000 for workshop series to teach artists and to develop an online discussion forum.
• Atlanta Contemporary Art Center, $23,000 for after-school program for fourth- and fifth-graders to create autobiographical artists’ books.
• Bad Dog Rediscovers America, Salt Lake City, $23,000 for in-school arts programming for children in third grade and younger.
• Ballet Arts Minnesota, Minneapolis, $20,000 for free dance education and performance opportunities for low-income children.
• Ballet Tech Foundation, New York, $40,000 for tuition-free ballet training.
• Baltimore Clayworks, $28,000 for after-school art classes and an exhibition for local residents.
• Bethlehem Musikfest Association, Pa., $25,000 for a media arts program for middle-school students from low-income families.
• Big Picture Alliance, Westgrove, Pa., $49,000 for a Philadelphia inner-city high school student media production project.
• Book-It Repertory Theatre, Seattle, $10,000 for literature-based theater for elementary and secondary students.
• Brownsville Art League, Texas, $40,000 for experiential arts program for 120 at-risk children, ages 8 to 12.
• Buen Dia Corp., San Francisco, $15,000 for preschool teachers’ workshops to enhance skills in delivering arts programs.
• Bump the Ghost Foundation, Westminster, Calif., $70,000 for motivational learning resources and activities for children.
• California Lawyers for the Arts, San Francisco, $70,000 for expansion of youth development through cultural enrichment and exposure.
• California Poets in the Schools, San Francisco, $45,000 for a poets-in-residence program.
• Carnegie Hall Society, New York, $90,000 for integration of music into elementary school curriculum.
• Center for Art in Translation, San Francisco, $10,000 to target bilingual students to learn Spanish literature, increase language proficiency and explore career possibilities.
• Center for Arts Criticism, St. Paul, Minn., $25,000 for media arts and criticism project for young Anishinabe women from the Leech Lake Nation.
• Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet, Carlisle, $18,000 for at-risk youth, ages 6 to 9, to attend 13 weeks of dance and music classes.
• Children’s Dance Foundation, Birmingham, Ala., $10,000 for dance instruction for young children and those with special needs.
• Children’s Dance Theatre, Utah, $45,000 to include dance, music and creativity in the classroom.
• Cincinnati Classical Public Radio, $15,000 for radio programming.
• City Lights Youth Theatre, New York, $50,000 for a two-year program integrating theater arts with the social studies curriculum in elementary schools.
• College of Santa Fe, N.M., $22,000 for a two-week summer media production program for high school girls.
• Communities in Schools of New Jersey, Newark, $30,000 for after-school visual and performing arts classes.
• Community Art Center, Cambridge, Mass., $40,000 to produce and edit original videos by youth.
• Community Television Network, Chicago, $26,000 for production of a cable TV show by at-risk youth.
• Community Visual Art Association of Jackson Hole, Wyo., $8,000 for a design and marketing program for at-risk teens.
• COMPAS, St. Paul, Minn., $33,000 for an arts-based youth employment program.
• Cultural Council of Greater Jacksonville, Fla., $20,000 for a multidisciplinary arts instruction project for juvenile offenders.
• Dance Ring, New York, $15,000 for year-round ballet classes, field trips and performance opportunities for at-risk youth.
• Destiny Arts Center, Oakland, Calif., $30,000 to create a youth dance/theater company.
• Dream Yard Drama Project, New York, $20,000 for six weeks of skill-based arts education workshops for children ages 9 to14.
• East Bay Asian Youth Center, Oakland, Calif., $45,000 for a high school digital storytelling project.
• Eastern Kentucky Child Care Coalition, Berea, Ky., $50,000 for teaching the region’s cultural and artistic heritage.
• Fine Arts for Children and Teens, Santa Fe, N.M., $20,000 for in-depth visual arts education programs.
• Fort Wayne Dance Collective, Ind., $30,000 to promote child and youth development through creative expression.
• Global Action Project, New York, $25,000 to continue Urban Voices TV, a station run by youth producers.
• Grand Canyon Music Festival, Ariz., $10,000 for a Native American high school string quartet.
• Greater Boston Youth Symphony Orchestras, $30,000 for stringed-instrument training for underserved Boston youth.
• Groundswell Community Mural Project, Brooklyn, N.Y., $12,000 for young women from three neighborhoods to develop and paint collaborative murals.
• Harlem Children’s Zone, New York, $40,000 for youth access to a variety of visual arts, media literacy and performance activities.
• High Scope Educational Research Foundation, Ypsilanti, Mich., $64,000 for early childhood instructor training in developing visual arts programs.
• Hmong Cultural Arts, Crafts, Teaching and Museum Projects, Elverta, Calif., $20,000 to preserve Hmong culture and music through youth education.
• Independence Inc., Atlanta, $18,000 to teach dance as personal development tool for homeless, refugee and low-income children.
• Inside Out Community Arts, Venice, Calif., $20,000 for continuation of after-school theater arts instruction.
• Kansas City Friends of Alvin Ailey, Mo., $25,000 for six-week arts summer program for middle school students.
• Lawrence University of Wisconsin, Appleton, $28,000 for children’s jazz education.
• Learning Matters, New York, $80,000 for production and distribution of youth-produced, media-focused issues.
• Literary Arts, Portland, Ore., $12,000 for the Writers in Schools program.
• Live Bait Theatrical Company, Chicago, $8,000 to bring teens together with police officers and theater professionals through writing and improvisational comedy.
• Los Angeles County Arts Commission on Assaults Against Women, $45,000 to provide at-risk youth with after-school multimedia technology education.
• Maryland Institute College of Art, Baltimore, $20,000 for children ages 8 to 12 to create short video and public service announcements.
• Merit School of Music, Chicago, $46,000 for after-school lessons to foster love of music.
• Mexican Fine Arts Center Museum, Chicago, $41,000 to engage students in artistic media through introducing careers in the arts.
• Missoula Writing Collaborative, Mont., $25,000 for writing residency program for students ages 7 to 18.
• Mosaic Youth Theatre of Detroit, $18,000 for ongoing instruction through creation and performance of original plays and music.
• New Brunswick Cultural Center, N.J., $18,000 for a dance immersion experience for ethnically diverse, low-income sixth graders.
• New England Dinosaur, N.Y., $13,000 for a community after-school program combining traditional artist residencies with dance-making.
• New Haven Family Alliance, Conn., $10,000 to help youth in public housing compile stories from community members for painted images on fabric.
• Oklahoma Arts Council, Oklahoma City, $23,000 for at-risk youth art and visual literacy education.
• Organization for Northern Development, Anchorage, Alaska, $20,000 for teen media literacy and production training.
• Outside In Productions, Santa Fe, N.M., $10,000 for workshops in guitar, dance and visual arts at the county juvenile detention and cultural center.
• Partners for Youth with Disabilities, Boston, $20,000 to pair local disabled youth with professional theater artists.
• Passage Theatre Co., Trenton, N.J., $20,000 for elementary and middle school youth training in technical theater.
• People’s Community Organization for Reform and Empowerment, Los Angeles, $35,000 for public art and mural classes for at-risk youth.
• Pillsbury United Communities, Minneapolis, $15,000 to create inner-city theater productions.
• Police Athletic League, N.Y., $54,000 for arts programs for at-risk and homeless children.
• Project STEP, Boston, $23,000 for musical education of gifted, at-risk youth.
• San Diego Opera Association, $55,000 to create a musical theater to improve literacy of middle schoolers.
• SAY Si, San Antonio, Texas, $15,000 for state-of-the-art digital media lab to provide inner-city youth with job skills.
• Sloss Furnace Association, Birmingham, Ala., $35,000 for high school apprenticeships to create cast-metal sculptures.
• Starfish Theatreworks, New York, $15,000 for improving inner-city teens’ writing and speaking through playwriting and acting.
• Street-Level Youth Media, Chicago, $25,000 for increasing classroom time for arts and technology-infused learning.
• Streetside Stories, San Francisco, $20,000 for workshops for sixth-grade students to publish an anthology.
• Teachers and Writers Collaborative, New York, $60,000 for an interactive website to discuss literary arts and education.
• Thelonious Monk Institute of Jazz, Washington, $65,000 to expand a free Internet-based curriculum.
• Transart & Cultural Services, West Park, N.Y., $18,000 for after-school multidisciplinary arts program for middle school students.
• Video Machete, Chicago, $28,000 for immigrant youth participation in digital video production, graphics and Web design.
• VSA Arts, Washington, $25,000 for research-based practices and strategies in arts education through special education.
• Wang Center for the Performing Arts, Boston, $21,000 for three ongoing after-school programs for high school students.
• Working Playground, New York, $40,000 for a documentary on Ground Zero.
• Young Audiences of Rochester, N.Y., $20,000 for a poetry and writing initiative for high-risk students aged 13 to 21.
• Youth in Focus, Seattle, $12,000 for individualized after-school classes for urban teens interested in photography.

Access Grants

Among the 315 grants, totaling $8,336,260:

• Dimensions Dance Theater, Oakland, Calif., $10,000 for a free youth dance program.
• Festival Ballet Providence, R.I., $10,000 for interactive educational performances for underserved elementary school children.
• Festival Dance and Performing Arts Association, Moscow, Idaho, $9,000 for free performances and classes by touring professional dance companies for public school students.
• Ethnic Heritage Council, Seattle, $30,000 to develop after-school programs in various traditional and folk art forms.
• National Book Foundation, New York, $40,000 for literary outreach programs that link National Book Award authors with underserved communities.
• YMCA of the USA, Chicago, $60,000 to bring writers to YMCA centers through residencies.
• YMCA of Billings, Mont., $20,000 for a series of readings, workshops and discussions exploring contemporary Native American writing and storytelling.
• Arts and Visually Impaired Audiences, Seattle, $25,000 to produce individual radio programs by the visually impaired.
• Video Machete, Chicago, $35,000, for distribution of youth-produced media art through a tour, exhibit and website.
• 509 Cultural Center, San Francisco, $25,000 for free arts programming for a low-income neighborhood.
• Class Acts Arts, Silver Spring, Md., $15,000 to expand outreach programs.
• High 5 Tickets to the Arts, New York, $10,000 for reduced-price ticketing for teens.
• Newark Museum Association, N.J., $100,000 to increase and deepen the understanding of Tibetan art and culture for youth and family audiences.
• Salt Lake Art Center, Salt Lake City, $24,000 for at-risk high school students to express themselves through art.
• Turning the Page, Washington, $28,000 for art and literacy programs for the parents and caregivers of public school children.
• Fargo-Moorhead Orchestral Association, N.D., $10,000 for an outreach and intergenerational education program.
• Minnesota Orchestral Association, Minneapolis, $40,000 for a music education project with Minneapolis public schools.
• Philomel Concerts, Philadelphia, $5,000 for outreach, educational programs and family concerts to provide access and long-term audience involvement in early music.
• Phoenix Symphony Association, $40,000 to support a series of education programs for the local Native American community.
• Washington Chorus, $10,000 for school choir workshops and free ticket distribution for youth.
• Missoula Children’s Theatre, Mont., $25,000 for children’s touring musical theater.
• Seattle International Children’s Festival, $40,000 to expand in-school education and outreach programs.
• Actor’s Gang, Hollywood, Calif., $8,000 for a marketing outreach initiative and youth mentorship program.
• Admiral Theatre Foundation, Bremerton, Wash., $10,000 for weeklong workshops to enhance a children’s production.
• Idaho Shakespeare Festival, Boise, $18,000 for theater tours and related educational programming.
• Illusion Theater & School, Minneapolis, $50,000 for theater training in schools, communities and juvenile detention centers.
• LA Public Theatre, Auburn, Maine, $10,000 to make theaters accessible to children and adults in rural and economically depressed regions.
• Metro Theater Company, St. Louis, $27,000 to produce youth plays.
• SEW Productions, San Francisco, $15,000 for plays exposing youth to black culture.
• Stageworks, Tampa, Fla., $6,000 for in-school performances by at-risk youth.
• Young Playwrights’ Theater, Washington, $20,000 for a monthlong tour of plays written by middle and high school students.
• Asian American Arts Centre, New York, $15,000 for bringing Chinatown seniors to high school youths for artistic representation of their stories.
• Bastrop Association for the Arts, Texas, $5,000 for a one-semester interior mural project.