Web Watch for May 2003

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Youth Rules!
is an initiative of the U.S. Department of Labor to give parents, educators and teens up-to-date information on federal and state regulations for youth employment. The site also features guidelines for employers who are looking to hire youth workers, as well as data on youth employment and workplace health and safety.

Justice Research and Statistics Association
provides research on justice issues and maintains a comprehensive database of state justice department activity. The site also offers contact information for all of the state statistical analysis centers (SACs) and features a searchable clearinghouse of information on SAC activities and publications. Justice Research and Statistics Association is a national nonprofit collaboration of SAC directors and justice policy researchers.

Obscenity Crimes
provides information on obscenity crimes and links viewers to places where possible violations of Internet obscenity laws can be reported. Visitors can also read tips to protect children from pornography. The site is funded by Morality in Media, a national nonprofit organization dedicated to upholding “standards of decency” in media.

International Council on National Youth Policy
is the website for the United Nation’s partner organization that networks youth policy officials from around the world. The site details the structure, membership and goals of the organization, which was spawned from a 1998 U.N. conference of ministers handling youth policy. Although research and data features on the site are still being developed, national youth policy outlines for many countries and links to other policy resources are available now.

You Can Handle Them All
is a Master Teacher site that provides helpful solutions for youth workers to deal with behavioral problems. The site defines acceptable youth and child patterns, then illustrates 117 methods for handling specific disturbances. This site is an excellent resource for youth workers, teachers and parents trying to correctly identify and address behavioral problems. Master Teacher provides training materials and other resources for teachers.

National Association of School Resource Officers
offers up-to-date information from the National Association of School Resource Officers, which trains school resource officers and DARE officers. The site includes schedules for regional trainings, information about NASRO membership and a comprehensive survey of school resource officers around the country.

Youth University
is targeted more toward youth workers than youth. Though at first glance the site seems to be an e-zine of the “for youth, about youth” variety, the articles pull together recent studies and feedback from youth on a wealth of issues, identifying trends among kids, teens and ’tweens. While things as routine as trendy toys and clothing are often elbowed out of major national policy discourse, Youth University offers a quick read for youth workers looking to keep current on these and other subjects. The site is run by WonderGroup, a Cincinnati-based consulting group.