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Bush Neglects Youth Development

Marty Martinez
Community Health Specialist
Regional Center for Healthy Communities
Cambridge, Mass.

I read the two letters to the editor [in April] regarding your supposed attacks against the Bush administration and felt that I must respond.

There are numerous ways in which this administration has not supported the positive development of young people. From its under-funded Leave No Child Behind education reform to the blatant disregard for policies and procedures that help minority youth get on an even playing field in today’s education and professional world, this administration continues to put youth – specifically, youth of color – on the back burner.

I applaud Youth Today for taking a critical look at the many issues that surround youth development and the need for a reality check on the lack of resources and assistance that this administration has produced. I must say that, as a person of color who lives in an urban community, we must champion those who work for our causes and for our youth.

If Mr. McLean thinks that “Bush is a very dedicated man who is deeply concerned for youth,” then he needs to find another field to work in, because that is not the reality of the youth around him.

Let’s not hide behind fiction. Let’s have a real look at an administration that does not care about the youth that we are working so hard to support.