Awards for May 2003

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Excellence.Gov Awards

For: Outstanding impact and high degree of interagency collaboration for a website.
By: CIO Council, the Industry Advisory Council and E-Gov.
Winners Include: Federal Parent Locator Service, an organization that gives authorized agencies access to a database of up-to-date employment information and national support data to prevent, detect and recover erroneous payments and fraud.
Contact: (800) 746-0099,

2003 Sloan Public Service Awards

For: “Extraordinary service to fellow citizens.”
By: Fund for the City of New York
Winners Include: New Yorkers Barbara Barlow, M.D., director of surgery at Harlem Hospital, Health and Hospitals Corp.; and Pamela Springer Hardy, assistant commissioner, Family Court Services in the Department of Probation.
Contact: (212) 925-6675,

10th Annual Salute to the Entrepreneurial Spirit

For: Recognition of entrepreneurial leadership.
By: The National Foundation for Teaching Entrepreneurship.
Winners: John C. Bogle, founder and former chairman, the Vanguard Group; and Arthur J. Pacheco, senior managing director, Bear Stearns.
Contact: (212) 218-4080,

2003 Pete and Carrie Rozelle Award

For: A school or program that has demonstrated excellence in addressing the educational and social-emotional needs of all children, including those with learning disabilities.
By: National Center for Learning Disabilities.
Winner: Muhlenberg Elementary School, Allentown, Pa.
Contact: (212) 545-7510,