Web Watch for April 2003

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Channing Bete Funding Resources
provides nonprofits in the youth field with recent information on money available for youth development programs. The tips on fund-raising and the directory of federal and foundation givers to youth organizations are helpful, but the best feature is the up-to-date list of specific grant programs and their deadlines. Channing Bete also publishes youth development resources for youth workers.

Plastic Fork Diaries
reaches youth with information about nutrition, without the wearisome health class lecture. The site features chronological episodes starring six middle-school teens. Visitors never see the cast members, but learn about them by clicking on objects in their lockers and on their desks and by pulling information from the school bulletin board. Instead of providing direct information on nutrition and eating habits, the site uses more subtle references to health issues in the daily lives of the kids. The site is operated by Maryland Public Television, with funding from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.

Project 540 Civic Resource Guide
offers comprehensive information on national and local organizations that champion youth and civic issues. The guide is searchable first by issue (such as “school safety”), then by type of organization (such as those providing “information and awareness” or “opportunities for action”). Each group’s contact information is supplemented by a detailed write-up of its primary activities. The site is powered by Providence College in Rhode Island.

Action Center
provides information and resources to help people get involved with juvenile justice reforms. The site offers information on model programs as alternatives to incarceration; downloadable publications and research about juvenile justice; and information on initiatives in key juvenile justice areas. It also links to a quick method for contacting elected representatives. The site is funded by the nonprofit Center on Juvenile and Criminal Justice.

The Center for Effective Discipline
offers information on the corporal punishment of children and alternatives to its use. The site provides information about laws, news, religious viewpoints, discipline at home and school, and links to other sites dealing with the topic. The center coordinates the National Coalition to Abolish Corporal Punishment in Schools.

National Institute for Literacy
provides information about literacy programs and services designed to improve them. The site also offers a national database of literacy programs, information on literacy policy and facts about literacy in the United States. The institute, created by Congress in 199l, is administered by an interagency group that includes the U.S. secretaries of education, labor, and health and human services.

International Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health Program Directory

is a database with information on more than 500 programs in 80 countries that help provide youth with information about sex, contraception and reproduction. The directory provides contact information for organizations, including each program’s goals and strategies. The site is run by Advocates for Youth, a Washington, D.C.-based nonprofit.