OverExposed: Youth a Target of Alcohol Advertising in Magazines

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Youth under the drinking age saw more alcohol advertising in magazines than adults did in 2001, according to this report. It includes an analytical breakdown of the brands of alcohol whose advertisements reach youth and names which magazines carry the most alcohol advertising. The greatest age disparity was in ads for low-alcohol refreshers, such as Smirnoff Ice, which reached an estimated 62 percent of youth and 44 percent of adults. The center calls on the Federal Trade Commission to “reopen its inquiry into the promotion of alcohol to underage consumers.” 20 pages. Free online. Center on Alcohol Marketing and Youth, 2233 Wisconsin Ave. NW, Suite 525, Washington, DC 20007. (202) 687-1019, http://camy.org/research.

– Mary Tess Driver, Della Mosley, Andrew Beadle, Patrick Boyle