Grants Awarded for October 2002

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Ford Foundation
320 E. 43rd St.
New York, NY 10017
(212) 573-5000

• Corporation for Enterprise Development, Washington, $1 million to explore the potential of children’s savings accounts.
• Center for Community Change, Washington, $350,000 for its Workforce Alliance.
• National Center on Education and the Economy, Washington, $195,000 to educate local workforce board members.
• Academy for Educational Development, Washington, $250,000 to enhance exchanges between faith-based and secular organizations engaged in youth development.
• East of the River Clergy Police, Washington, $250,000 for an anti-violence initiative targeting at-risk youth in southeast Washington.
• Policylink, Oakland, Calif., $2 million to promote community building.
• Public/Private Ventures, Philadelphia, $1.2 million to coordinate and evaluate a national demonstration promoting faith-based youth development programs in urban areas.
• Rural Economic Development Center, Raleigh, N.C., $148,395 for its Communities of Faith Initiative.
• Columbia University, New York, $600,000 for research, policy and public educational activities.
• Grantmakers for Children, Youth and Families, Washington, $30,000 for general support.
• Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, $400,000 for the Center for American Indian Health’s Fathers Project.
• Kentucky Youth Advocates, Louisville, $100,000 to organize meetings of advocates for poor families and children.
• National Center for Strategic Nonprofit Planning and Community Leadership, Washington, $1 million for work with low-income fathers and fragile families.
• Center for New Community, Chicago, $150,000 to train grassroots organizers on immigration issues.
• Rock the Vote Education Fund, Santa Monica, Calif., $100,000 for a documentary exploring the post-Sept. 11 experiences of young people.
• Committee to Encourage Corporate Philanthropy, New York, $500,000 for research to reverse the decline of corporate giving and increase pre-tax giving.
• Poverty and Race Research Action Council, Washington, $25,000 for the Venture Philanthropy Analysis Project.
• Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, Washington, $2.1 million to support budget and tax transparency around the world and to promote responsible state budget and tax policies.
• Demos: A Network for Ideas and Action, New York, $900,000 for a new think tank to explore ways to broaden participation in American prosperity.
• Northwest Federation of Community Organizations, Seattle, $150,000 for general support.
• OMG Center for Collaborative Learning, Philadelphia, $85,000 to assess its state fiscal analysis initiative.
• Manpower Demonstration Research Corp., New York, $800,000 to expand the evaluation of Project GRAD to all sites.
• Teachers College, New York, $500,000 for the National Center for the Study of Privatization in Education.
• Interfaith Alliance Foundation, Washington, $330,000 to create congregational partnerships among Jews, Muslims and Christians.
• International Federation of Settlements and Neighbourhood Centres, Toronto, Canada, $300,000 to promote civic participation.
• Jobs for the Future, Boston, $50,000 for a conference on community colleges and their ability to help low-wage workers advance.
• Calvin College, Grand Rapids, Mich., $350,000 to strengthen pre-college programs for high-risk youth.
• Metro Denver Black Church Initiative, Denver, $400,000 for general support.
• New York Theological Seminary, New York, $250,000 to help faith-based institutions help at-risk youth.
• San Francisco Foundation, San Francisco, $200,000 to strengthen faith-based programs in west Oakland and San Francisco.
• Viewpoint of Metropolitan Atlanta, East Point, Ga., $60,000 to disseminate findings of a pilot project to improve learning skills of black children.
• American Youth Policy Forum, Washington, $500,000 to create a program for emerging professionals in youth development.
• American Youth Work Center, Washington, $800,000 for Youth Today newspaper and the new Youth Today website.
• Child and Family Policy Center, Des Moines, Iowa, $500,000 for a national network to help state policy-
makers link research to policy for children and family programs.
• Life Issues: Youth Forums, Greenwich, Conn., $10,000 to review a model youth mentoring program.
• National Funding Collaborative on Violence Prevention, Washington, $600,000 to bolster its capacity and scope.
• National Practitioners Network for Fathers and Families, Washington, $250,000 to enhance the engagement of existing members affiliated with state-based practitioners’ networks.
• National Youth Employment Coalition, Washington, $500,000 to assist community-based organizations in the youth employment and development system.
• Public/Private Ventures, Philadelphia, $250,000 for development of its summer internship program.
• Academy for Educational Development, Washington, $4.5 million for the New Voices fellowship program.
• Family Violence Prevention Fund, San Francisco, $770,000 for a broad range of policy reform and public education aimed at preventing domestic violence.
• Tomas Rivera Policy Institute, Claremont, Calif., $150,000 for research on barriers limiting Latino advancement in school systems and labor markets.
• Applied Research Center, Oakland, Calif., $500,000 for research, training and organizing on racial justice issues.
• BoardSource, Washington, $200,000 for assistance to nonprofit boards.
• National Organizers Alliance, Washington, $250,000 for networking to strengthen the field of community organizing.
• New World Foundation, New York, $200,000 for a program to award sabbatical fellowships to minority community organizers.
• Philanthropic Research, Williamsburg, Va., $1 million for a database of U.S. nonprofit organizations based on digitized data gathered through IRS Form 990.
• Center for Public Integrity, Washington, $300,000 to research conflicts of interest between state legislatures and influential lobbies and industries.
• Voices for Illinois Children, Chicago, $50,000 for analysis of the state fiscal analysis initiative.
• Learning Communities Network, Cleveland, $560,000 to facilitate the development of the Collaborating for Educational Reform Initiative.
• Brown University, Providence, R.I., $600,000 to promote service and civic engagement.
• Project GRAD Los Angeles, $1.2 million to advance school reform.
• Project GRAD Newark, N.J., $350,000 to advance school reform.

The Nord Family Foundation
347 Midway Blvd., Suite 312
Elyria, Ohio 44035
(440) 324-2822

• Cleveland Public Theatre, $25,000 for an arts education program for urban youth.
• Lyric Opera Cleveland, $6,000 for continued support of the Community Opera Connection.
• The MAD Factory, Oberlin, Ohio, $45,000 for theater education programs.
• Messengers of God, Lorain, Ohio, $35,000 for general support.
• Common Ground, Oberlin, Ohio, $50,000 for the Pathfinder youth development program.
• Fast Forward, Columbia, S.C., $29,036 to expand its youth program.
• National Association of Street Schools, Denver, $5,000 to support national expansion of the Denver Street School model.
• Big Brothers Big Sisters of Lorain County, Lorain, Ohio, $15,000 for general support.
• Boys and Girls Club of Lorain County, Oberlin, Ohio, $30,000 for general support.
• Damen House, Denver, $10,000 for a residential program for homeless women and children.
• Girl Scouts of Erie Shores, Lorain, Ohio, $20,000 for general support.
• The Salvation Army, Elyria, Ohio, $25,000 for the community center programs for youth.

Robert McCormick Tribune Foundation
435 N. Michigan Ave., Suite 770
Chicago, IL 60611
(312) 222-3512

Note: All grants are in general support of programs that involve journalism, education or citizenship.

• Action Against Crime & Violence Education Fund, Washington, $100,000.
• Centers for New Horizons, Chicago, $75,000.
• Citizens Information Service of Illinois, Chicago, $38,000.
• City Year, Boston, $50,000.
• City Year, Chicago, $15,000.
• Civitas Initiative, Chicago, $600,000.
• Community Renewal Society, Chicago, $72,000.
• Constitutional Rights Foundation, Chicago, $40,000.
• Day Care Action Council of Illinois, Chicago, $160,000.
• Ecumenical Child Care Network, Chicago, $75,000.
• Girl Scouts, Rockford, Ill., $190,000.
• Girl Scouts of Chicago, $100,000.
• The Grantmaker Forum on Community & National Service, Berkeley, Calif., $10,000.
• High/Scope Educational Research Foundation, Ypsilanti, Mich., $100,000.
• Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership, Los Angeles, $29,000.
• Illinois Network of Child Care Resource & Referral Agencies, Bloomington, $150,000.
• National Association for the Education of Young Children, Washington, $100,000.
• National Black Child Development Institute, Washington, $50,000.
• National Military Family Association, Alexandria, Va., $50,000.
• Ounce of Prevention Fund, Chicago, $775,000.
• Partnership for Child Care Accreditation, Chicago, $1 million.
• Robert C. Maynard Institute for Journalism Education, Oakland, CA, $400,000.
• Rogers Park Community Council, Chicago, $50,000.
• Voices for Illinois Children, Chicago, $1.9 million.
• YMCA of Metropolitan Chicago, $625,000.
• Young Women’s Leadership Charter School, Chicago, $100,000.
• Arab American Family Support Center, New York, $100,000.
• Big Brothers & Sisters of Nassau County, Levittown, N.Y., $160,000.
• Brooklyn Bureau of Community Service, New York, $500,000.
• Catholic Charities of Brooklyn and Queens, New York, $300,000.
• Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of New York, New York, $350,000.
• Child Care Council of Nassau, New York, $100,000.
• Children’s Aid Society, New York, $350,000.
• Children’s Museum of Manhattan Growth Through Art & Museum Experience, New York, $25,000.
• Citizens’ Scholarship Foundation of America, St. Peter, Minn. $500,000.
• Committee Against Anti-Asian Violence, New York, $50,000.
• Community Family Life Service, Washington, $250,000.
• Community Service Society of New York, New York, $500,000.
• Family and Child Services Association, Mineola, N.Y., $150,000.
• Family Service League, Huntington, N.Y., $150,000.
• Federation Employment and Guidance Services, New York, $500,000.
• John Jay College Foundation, New York, $200,000.
• Lutheran Social Services of the National Capital Area, Washington, $200,000.
• Safe Horizon, New York, $500,000.

New York Community Trust
2 Park Ave.
New York, NY 10016
(212) 686-0010

Note: All programs are in New York City.
• Robert Wagner Graduate School of Public Service, $60,000 for health and welfare reform issues for minority women.
• Southern Queens Park Association, $60,000 for its job training program for young minority mothers.
• Partnership for Family Supports and Justice Fund, $50,000 for experimental private money projects in the child welfare field.
• Summer in the City, $300,000 for summer programs across New York City.
• East Harlem Employment Service, $120,000 for early fatherhood programs.
• Madison Square Boys and Girls Club, $50,000 for expansion and additional staff.
• Neighborhood Defender Service, $40,000 for a project that advises minority youth who are stopped by the police.
• International Rescue Committee, $30,000 for expanded leadership activities for teens.
• MARC Program, $30,000 to enroll 40 immigrant children in its math, arts, reading, computer and culture curriculum.
• Roza Promotions, $40,000 to hire a social worker for the immigrant youth program.
• Replications, $100,000 to help open schools that replicate other successful school models.

*Resources for Children with Special Needs, $50,000 to develop specialized directories covering early intervention, after-school needs and adolescent-to-adulthood transition.