3rd Annual Uhlich Children’s Home Teen Gun Survey

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Whites and Hispanics among the 1,026 teens in this survey were quickest to attribute gun violence to parental behavior and violent entertainment, while black youth were stronger proponents of safety and gun-control measures. About 41 percent of both whites and Hispanics said there is too much violence in movies and on TV. More than 53 percent of youth in those ethnic groups said violent teens learn their behavior from their parents, while only 42 percent of black youth agreed with that statement.

But more black youths supported tough anti-gun measures: Fifty-six percent said armed security guards should be allowed in schools, 12 percentage points more than Hispanics and 13 percentage points more than whites. While more black youths than whites favored a complete handgun ban, 15 percent (five times the percentage of whites) said they would use a handgun if they had one and were angry. 14 pages. Free. Uhlich Children’s Home, 3737 N. Mozart St., Chicago, IL 60618. (773) 588-0180, kotowskid@uhlich.org.