Grants Awarded for May 2002

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Charles Stewart Mott Foundation
1200 Mott Foundation Building
Flint, MI
(810) 238-5651

• Studio in a School Association, New York, $30,000 for general support.
• Institute for Sustainable Communities, Montpelier, VT, $112,001 over two years for the Strengthening Community School Partnerships in Ukraine.
• HOPE, Detroit, $1 million for a student loan fund.
• National Center for Community Education, Flint, MI, $737,707 for property.
• Arab Community Center for Economic and Social Services, Dearborn, MI, $100,000 to expand its education outreach programs.
• London School of Economics and Political Science, UK, $50,000 for the “Roles and Visions of Foundations in Europe” program.
• University of Michigan-Flint, $904,938 for the Early Childhood Development Center.
• Georgia State University Foundation, Atlanta, $100,000 for an endowment for the Alonzo A. Crim Center for Urban Educational Excellence.
• Children’s Aid Society, New York, $831,050 to establish the Carrera teen pregnancy prevention program.
• New York Agency for Community Affairs, Brooklyn, $200,000 for the ACORN South Bronx School Equity Campaign.
• Columbia University, New York, $149,997 to disseminate of “Research Findings Upon the Fragile Family and Child Well-Being Study.”
• American Institute for Social Justice, Washington, $150,000 for the Chicago ACORN grassroots improvement campaign.
• Wellesley College, Wellesley, MA, $299,968 for the National Institute on Out-of-School Time to increase support for cities interested in providing quality after-school programs.
• Wisconsin Center for Education Research at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, $600,000 for a study of best practices in after-school programming.
• Stand for Children Leadership Center, Washington, $225,000 for improving and expanding early education for low-income families.
• North Central Regional Educational Laboratory, Naperville, IL, $275,000 to expand the After-School Technical Assistance Collaborative.
• Jefferson County Public Schools, Louisville, KY, $200,000 to track the relationship between out-of-school activities and academic achievement.
• Greater Los Angeles Metro Strategy-IAF, $200,000 for the Los Angeles Metropolitan Organizing Project.
• Coalition of Community Foundations for Youth, Basehor, KS, $620,000 to help community foundations and their local partners identify funding opportunities and establish programs and policies that influence youth during out-of-school time.
• Center for Collaborative Solutions, Sacramento, CA, $300,000 for building capacity of its after-school programs.
• Association for Children for Enforcement of Support, Toledo, OH, $100,000 for the Economic Justice Initiative.

The New York Community Trust
2 Park Ave.
New York, NY 10016
(212) 686-0010

• Dress for Success New York, $50,000 to expand programs for women.
• Brooklyn Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children, New York, $30,000 to start a family visiting and counseling program.
• Lesbian and Gay Community Services Center, New York, $43,000 to continue the “Students’ Interscholastic Group Network on Sexuality” program and offer internships for 12 SIGNS participants.
• Advocates for Children of New York, $75,000 to work with the Legal Aid Society’s Juvenile Offenders Units, representing youth ages 13 to 15.
• Center for Health, Environment, and Justice, New York, $180,000 to start a national campaign to advocate for safe schools and child- care facilities.
• Teachers College at Columbia University, New York, $100,000 to expand the mentoring program for new elementary and middle-school principals.
• Vera Institute of Justice, New York, $100,000 to train safety guards to encourage good student behavior.
• Pre-School Inclusion Fund, New York, $375,000 for the fund’s effort to encourage high- quality, comprehensive educational programs for children with special needs.

Lilly Endowment Inc.
2801 North Meridian St.
P.O. Box 88068
Indianapolis, IN 46208-0068
(317) 924-5471

• Bicycle Action Program, Indianapolis, $10,000 for the Earn-a-Bike Program.
• Boys & Girls Clubs of Indianapolis, $38,000 for summer youth programs in nine locations.
• Butler-Tarkington Neighborhood Association, Indianapolis, $8,000 for its neighborhood collaborative youth development camp.
• Calvary Temple of Indianapolis, $9,000 for the Caring Place after-school program.
• Catholic Social Services, Indianapolis, $12,118 for the Holy Family Success Builders Camp IV and St. Joan of Arc Neighborhood Youth Outreach.
• Center for Leadership Development, Indianapolis, $250,000 for operating support and consultant services.
• Children’s Bureau of Indianapolis, $16,000 for the PRO 100 internship program for disadvantaged youth.
• Community Centers of Indianapolis, $131,290 for summer youth programs at 11 sites.
• Diabetic Youth Foundation of Indiana, Danville, $8,000 for Happy Hollow Camp for Children.
• First-Meridian Heights Presbyterian Church, Indianapolis, $25,500 for the Northside Partners for Youth and JOY (Just Older Youth) Program.
• Freetown Village, Indianapolis, $17,000 for summer youth day camp.
• Girls Inc. of Indianapolis, $14,250 for Fountain Square Center and Mid North Center Summer Programs.
• Great Commission Church of God, Indianapolis, $9,000 for Young Men Inc. African American Summer Empowerment Camps.
• Happy Hollow Children’s Camp, Indianapolis, $10,500 for the City Camp and Leadership Development.
• Indiana Sports Corporation, Indianapolis, $10,000 for Glenn Howard Junior Golf Program of Indianapolis.
• Indianapolis Junior Golf Foundation, $10,000 for the IJGF Summer Program.
• Indianapolis Parks Foundation, $16,254 for five summer youth programs. • James Whitcomb Riley Memorial Association, Indianapolis, $8,000 for Camp Riley for youth with physical disabilities.
• Madame Walker Urban Life Center, Indianapolis, $13,600 for the Youth in Arts Summer Program.
• Marian College, Indianapolis, $10,000 for Project Enhance and the National Youth Sports Program.
• Metropolitan School District of Perry Township, Indianapolis, $15,000 for a summer school/community collaboration program.
• National Federation of State High School Associations, Indianapolis, $75,000 for the 2002 National Student Leadership Conference.
• St. Richard’s School Foundation, Indianapolis, $14,000 for the Horizons Urban Student Enrichment Program.
• Young Audiences of Indiana, Indianapolis, $15,000 for Summer Arts for Youth.
• YMCA of Greater Indianapolis, $19,170 for summer youth programs at seven sites.
• YWCA of Indianapolis, $15,000 for summer day camps.