Technology Applications in the Behavioral Health & Social Service Fields

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Open Minds

This report is based on a poll of 5,000 behavioral health and social service industry employees to assess the level of information technology used on the job. Almost all of the groups have some Internet access and use e-mail, and 63 percent use the Internet for professional communications. Other potential services – including billing, benefits records and consumer services – were used by 30 percent or less.

About 78 percent of the organizations have websites, although 89 percent of those websites were “static” (providing only advertising information without services). Employee assistance, residential behaviorial health and outpatient treatment organizations were among those industries with the most versatile websites.

Perhaps the strangest trend is that organizations varied between providing all of their employees with Internet access or very few of them: 59 percent of groups provided either 100 percent or just 10-25 percent of employees with access. 63 pages. $499. Open Minds, 163 York St., Gettysburg, PA 17325. (877) 350-6463,