Press Watch for March 2002

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Child welfare nonprofit says give it time
Tampa Tribune

An experiment to privatize child welfare in two Florida counties isn’t going so well, as nonprofit agencies are struggling with case overloads, communications problems and gripes about quality. Feb. 16.

Last resort against truancy: jailing parents
St. Petersburg Times

More Florida counties are prosecuting parents for failing to send their children to school. Several parents have been jailed and dozens put on probation. Jan. 28., search for “truancy.”

Juvenile Court Journal: Teens often left behind
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

As parents increasingly abandon young teens to state agencies for a variety of reasons, teens are the fastest-growing segment in the nation’s foster care system. This is the first story in a series. Feb. 10.

Cities and suburbs are trading places
The Washington Post

The Brookings Institution says non-family households now outnumber married-with-children households in the nation’s suburbs, changing demands for housing, entertainment and services. Feb. 5.

Problems involve who will watch youngsters; Men say accusations make them wary of job
San Jose Mercury News

This story explores some of the reasons that men make up only about 3 percent of all child-care workers: poor pay, the stigma of doing traditionally women’s work and fear of being accused of abuse. Feb. 3., search for “men child care.”